Fire Sprinkler Testing | Inspection Guide
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Inspection Guide


Key Deficiencies to Look for With NFPA References References: NFPA 25 2011 Edition; NFPA 13 2002 Edition; NFPA 72 2010 Edition


Sprinkler Heads

Damaged Heads – IE Bent frame/broken deflector.
-NFPA 25 Code
Leaking Heads – NFPA 25 Code
Painted Heads – Any paint on head fails.
-NFPA 25 Code
Corroded Heads – IE head is greenish in color.
-NFPA 25 Code
Loaded Heads – Sprinkler head should be
replaced. Should the customer decide to clean
head, it should be at their own discretion. *Do not
suggest the customer clean*
-NFPA 25 Code
Manufacture Date (50 years/older) – Located
on head.
–NFPA Code
Proper Clearance – 18” from the bottom of the
deflector or less than 4” from the wall.
-NFPA 13 Code
Bulb Has Fluid – Could be empty or half full.
-NFPA 25 Code
Missing Escutcheon Rings & Plates
-NFPA 13 Code (Rings) (Plates)

Position of Head – IE Head above ceiling tile or
hanging through ceiling tile below ceiling line.
-NFPA 25 Code
Painted Cover Plate – Fail if not painted from the
-NFPA 13 Code


Missing Components

Spare Sprinkler Head Box
-NFPA 25 Code
Spare Heads in Box – Proper quantity of
spare heads:
System has under 300 sprinklers = no less than 6
System has 300-1,000 sprinklers = no less than 12
System has over 1,000 sprinklers = no less than 24
-NFPA 25 Code
Spare Sprinkler Wrench
– NFPA 25 Code
Signage – IE Main drain, Open/Close valve, Inspector
test valve.
–NFPA 25 Code 13.3.1
Fire Dept. Connection Caps – FDC should also
be easily accessible. –NFPA 25 Code 13.7.1
Hangers – Loose, damaged, missing.
-NFPA 25 Code 5.2.3


Waterflow Switches

Missing Cover or Damaged
-NFPA 25 Code 5.2.5
Unable to Adjust – IE device is mechanically
damaged and will not come in within 90 sec. *Water
flow may be required to report within 60 sec.
per local jurisdiction (ie Chicago)*
-NFPA 72 Code 17.12.2
Does Not Report Alarm To Panel – IE wiring issue,
mechanical issue with device (bad or missing paddle).
-NFPA 72 Code 17.12.2


Tamper Switches

Missing Cover, Damaged or Leaking
-NFPA 25 Code 5.2.5
Does Not Report Supervisory at Panel – IE Wiring
issue or mechanically defective. Should report
within 2 revolutions.
-NFPA 25 Code
Does Not Clear When Valve is Opened – IE valve
cannot be adjusted mechanically damaged.
-NFPA 25 Code
Valve does not turn freely
-NFPA 25 Code
Valve is Still Leaking After Inspection Is Complete
-NFPA 25 Code (5)


Main Drain Test

Damaged or missing valve – IE Broken handle.
-NFPA 25 Code 13.2.5
Low incoming water pressure-*systems without
fire pump* – Compare current flow pressure to
previous performed main drain results, if pressure has
reduced 10% or more main drain is found deficient.
-NFPA 25 Code *Systems with fire pump
still require main drain test and results.
However, proper pump discharge valves are
recorded during pump test* *Main drain should
be done with pump on, however, it can be done
with it off at the customer’s discretion*
Proper drainage for main drain – Recommend
drain be piped properly.
-NFPA 25 Code 13.2.4



Date – 5 years or older replace, if there is no date
on them we assume they are out of date.
-NFPA 25 Code
Damaged Gauge – IE broken glass/missing glass
-NFPA 25 Code
Gauge stuck on zero or some other value
-NFPA 25 Code
Missing Gauge
-NFPA 25 Code


External Piping

Corrosion on external piping – IE orange buildup
on piping.
-NFPA 25 Code
External piping leaks – IE pinhole leaks formed as
a result of corrosion.
-NFPA 25 Code
Damaged piping – IE bent or cracked pipe.
-NFPA 25 Code


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