NFPA 101 - Fire Sprinkler Testing
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NFPA 101

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NFPA National Fire Protection Association
Life Safety Code 101 2000 Edition

As adopted by the Illinois State Fire Marshal




Sections to reference and cite as needed


All automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems required by this code shall be inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25 1998 Edition (9.75, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance  of Water Based Fire Protection System. Sprinkler System Shutdown.  Where a required fire sprinkler system is out of service for more than four hours in a 24 hour period, the authority having jurisdiction shall be notified, and the building shall be evacuated or an approved fire watch shall be provided for all parties left unprotected by the shutdown until the fire sprinkler system has been returned to service.  Sprinkler system impairment procedure shall comply with NFPA 25.


* Standpipes follow NFPA 14 2000 Edition.


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